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Powhatan County Residents: Do you have questions about how to plan for disability and long term care or how to protect your legacy for your children and future generations?

We now provide Virginia legal services from our new law office in Powhatan County, as well as our offices in Zion Crossroads and Lake Anna.

Powhatan families ready to plan for the future, dealing with a health crisis, or with questions about how to plan for and pay for long term care can now get help from a familiar face.

Lelia (Palmore) Winget-Hernandez and her husband and law partner Michael Winget-Hernandez, have opened Commonwealth Life and Legacy Counsel in Powhatan Courthouse. For Lelia, who was born locally and graduated from Powhatan High School, the new office is an exciting homecoming.

Services include estate planning, powers of attorney, long-term care and Medicaid planning, probate and estate administration, guardianships and fiduciary litigation. The firm also focuses on special needs planning for loved ones with disabilities who may need long-term support through a trust or other financial strategies.

3829 Old Buckingham Road
Suite C
Powhatan, Virginia 23139

Phone: (804) 598-1348

Fax: 866-576-4002

Open 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or by Appointment

We offer a wide range of services because our mission at Commonwealth Life and Legacy Counsel is to help you protect what is important for you and your family, whatever your legal situation may be in Powhatan County and the Greater Richmond area. . Different families need different solutions in different situations, and we take the time to understand your specific needs. We are experienced and passionate Virginia attorneys that can give you the legal representation and results you deserve.   We pride ourselves serving our clients and their families professionally and compassionately.

We listen to you and understand your legal matters so that we can devise the best legal strategy to accomplish your goals and create peace of mind for you and your loved ones. There is no charge for an initial consultation and if you do decide to hire us, we will be very clear about our fees and try to find the most economical legal solution for you.

Your Resource for Understanding Virginia Law

An experienced attorney in Powhatan, Virginia can help you plan for the future. As estate planning and elder law attorneys, we can provide you with educational information and prepare you to protect your legacy in Virginia.

We can help you or a loved one answer many questions about how a Virginia attorney can help you navigate your legal situation in Powhatan County and surrounding central Virginia areas.

Please read our latest blog content for more insights into the different legal practices in Powhatan, Virginia; we can help you navigate.

How We Serve
Powhatan County

Our commitment is to make sure people are better off for having met with us, whether they hire us or not.  We help our clients and their loved ones navigate the difficult decisions that arise with estate planning, elder law, long-term care planning, Medicaid, special needs planning, probate, estate administration, and litigation throughout Powhatan County and Central Virginia.

Estate Planning

A robust Virginia estate plan is an important way to secure both your future and that of your beneficiaries, and offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones. An estate plan consists of many important documents to protect your legacy, including a will, a trust, powers of attorney, living will, health care directive, and other asset protection documents.  Proactive planning for disability and death saves money, preserves family relationships and is one of the most loving things you can do for your family.

Powers of Attorney

Durable (Financial) Powers of Attorney: A durable financial power of attorney is a document that empowers the people you name to make financial decisions for you in the event you are incapacitated and cannot make them for yourself.

Medical Powers of Attorney/Advance Healthcare Directive: This document empowers the people you choose to make healthcare and personal decisions for you if you cannot make them yourself.

Elder Law

Elder law attorneys create a legal plan to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out in your golden years of life. Today, our aging population faces several challenges, including the high cost of long-term care in Virginia. An elder law attorney can help you or a loved one finance care with the lowest impact on your assets—for example, protecting your Virginia home.

Our experienced Virginia elder law attorneys work with you to create a plan    to meet your healthcare needs and protect your assets to the greatest extent possible from the costs of long term care. Our Powhatan County elder law services include:

  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Medicaid Crisis Planning
  • Special Needs Planning

Medicaid Planning

Virginia Medicaid planning can help you or a loved one decide which long term care option is best for your family and to plan to pay for long-term care in Powhatan County and surrounding areas. Senior citizens in Powhatan County and Central Virginia can benefit greatly from an  attorney who understands Virginia’s Medicaid qualification, application, and approval process. Without the assistance of Medicaid coverage in Virginia, you or a loved one will be held financially responsible for the monthly long term care costs not covered by insurance. We can help you or a loved one decide on the best long term care options to allow you or your loved one to be cared for safely at home for as long as possible and to plan to pay for long term care that works for your family and your finances.

Special Needs Planning

If you have a child or loved one with special needs, using legal strategies like a Virginia special needs trust  allows them enjoy the benefit of assets without losing their eligibility for government benefits. Our experienced Virginia special needs planning attorneys can provide legal guidance to help you understand what needs to be done to maintain eligibility and to create a plan for your special needs loved one to give them maximum independence with proper support. We can advise on how to provide for their care and leave assets to them in a way that protects them from financial exploitation and maintains their eligibility for Medicaid and other government assistance programs in Powhatan County and surrounding central Virginia areas.

Probate and Estate Administration

We understand that settling an estate can be an overwhelming process at a very sensitive time. Our Powhatan County law firm offers Virginia estate administration and probate services designed to meet your needs, focusing on simplifying the process and achieving an efficient settlement.

We offer three primary services:

  • Administration of Virginia estate assets
  • Settlement of expenses, taxes, and outstanding debts
  • Distribution of assets to the beneficiaries


Our Powhatan lawyers take litigation personally and have experience practicing before local Virginia Courts as well as federal court. We understand it is expensive and stressful, and we will do whatever we can to help you and your loved ones stay out of court and out of conflict. But, if going to Court is necessary or unavoidable, we’re ready and exceptionally well prepared to stand up for you and your loved ones during the litigation process.

We Can Help You Protect Your Legacy in Central Virginia

The legal system is complex, and dealing with health challenges that become more frequent with age is stressful. We are here to help you understand the best legal strategies for your unique situation.

The experienced Powhatan attorneys at Commonwealth Life and Legacy Counsel can help you and your family navigate all of life’s legal challenges in Powhatan and Central Virginia.

What Our Clients Say

"It has been a pleasure having this group of professionals assist me with my life planning needs. Lelia and team listened to my concerns, answered all of my questions (there were a lot), and set me up with a solid plan for my future needs. What’s even better, Lelia is a Powhatan native!!! Nothing better than working with someone from your hometown, knowing they are trustworthy and will bend over backwards to assist you with your goals. From one Powhatan native to another, it has been a pleasure and I sincerely thank you."

Lelia Winget-Hernandez

Lelia was born and raised in Powhatan and is a proud graduate of Powhatan High School.  Her father’s family lived in the county for several generations and the family homeplace was Provost, which is a well-known Powhatan historic home.  Her mother, Nancy Palmore, was the librarian at Powhatan High School for over thirty years.  Lelia was a teller at the bank in the Courthouse during the summer while she was in college, she attended many Labor Day parades in the Courthouse, and 4th of July celebrations in Cartersville, and spent countless summer days floating on the James River.  She remembers when Four Seasons was Maxey’s Store and there were no stop lights in the entire county.   When trying to describe how small of a town Powhatan was when she was growing up, Lelia often tells people:  “My grandmother knew I was in trouble before I did.”

Lelia and Michael decided to expand their practice to Powhatan because many of Lelia’s Powhatan friends were reaching out to her for help and letting her know that there is a need in the county for trusted and experienced estate planning and elder law attorneys.  Lelia is more grateful than ever to have been raised in this unique and close-knit community and to be welcomed back so warmly by so many.

Planning for the future means taking action today.
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