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How To Create an Online Estate Plan

Physical separation is essential to stop this virus, as you probably already know. Find out how we can help you complete your estate plan without having to leave the comfort of your home.


Traditionally, significant legal documents had to be signed in person in most states. As a result, we have been doing everything possible to follow that law, to secure your signatures in person while still protecting your health.


Recently, however, an increasing number of governors have issued emergency orders to change that law. Ask us whether our state is one of those that has suspended the requirements for in-person signing. If so, we can offer you the entire estate-planning process, start to finish, all completed while you stay safe at home and connected with us by internet instead.


Please consider that, especially under these circumstances, it would be wiser to get your plan done. You will have made sure that trusted people can step in for you, to take care of the bills and healthcare decisions if you become unable. At the same time, you will have taken care of your heirs, to protect your family’s legacy as smoothly as possible when the time comes.


How quickly things change. It may be that now we can do it all by internet, to get you to the peace of mind that doesn’t change. You will know that a trusted person can pick up the reins for you, so you or your loved ones get the care you need, and you will know that your estate legacy will be preserved and protected.


Call or email us to see whether we can get the complete process done using video. There’s nothing “remote” about that. Please contact or call us at 434-589-2958. We are happy to help.