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Charitable trusts, also known as irrevocable trusts, allow you and a charity to receive income from the trust. The establishment of a charitable trust can offer many benefits for all parties involved, especially for those with nonessential assets such as stocks or real estate. Even if you experience a financial

As part of your estate planning process, it's important to implement Power of Attorney (POA) documents. Powers of attorney are recognized in all states, but the rules and requirements may differ from one to another. By signing this document, you are granted an individual or individuals the authority to act

The complexities of probate litigation can range from guardianships and conservatorships to will and trust contests, to real estate disputes, to using true intentions to make gifts. By planning for the future, one can greatly reduce or eliminate probate litigation risk. The creation of comprehensive estate plans that are routinely

Physical separation is essential to stop this virus, as you probably already know. Find out how we can help you complete your estate plan without having to leave the comfort of your home.   Traditionally, significant legal documents had to be signed in person in most states. As a result, we have

An inheritance in a blended family can cause hurt feelings and inequitable distributions, as well as result in lengthy, costly litigation. While you cannot legislate from the grave, you can carefully plan your estate so as to minimize any conflict between biological and stepchildren. Making sure your assets will pass