Automobile Fraud

Buying a car and your rights

Buying a car is usually the most expensive purchase you will make other than your home. Since most people need cars, and they cost a lot of money, there are literally hundreds of billions of dollars spent on them every year in America. This means that there is a lot of room for unscrupulous practices in automobile dealerships and that people are often taken unfair and illegal advantage of. Here are some car buying scenarios that we can often help with.

When the Dealer Hides or Lies About the Car’s Negative History

  • Have you found out after the sale that the car had been in a wreck?
  • Or that it was in flood?
  • Was the odometer rolled back?
  • Has it turned out to be a salvaged, or stolen car?
  • Was the car returned to the dealer as a lemon, or with a bad history of mechanical problems?
  • Did the dealer leave out some other important detail when selling you the car that you think you should have known, and that would have affected the value of the car to a reasonable person if they had known about it?

The law doesn’t force the dealer to tell you things that don’t really affect the market value of the car (for example, she doesn’t have to let you know that the previous owner was for Virginia Tech or for UVA — one or the other of which which might affect some people’s opinion of the car’s value), but important things like the listed ones, and others we haven’t listed. So if you think you bought a “pig in a poke,” give us a call. We may be able to help you get economic justice.

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